The State Of Gaming In Asia In 2020

Though E-Sports is a relatively new concept in Southeast Asia as compared to traditional games, it is growing at an exponential rate owing to the growth of the gaming market in the region. For instance, battle royale Free Fire was the most downloaded mobile game of 2019, beating out heavyweight PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds Mobile. Apple Inc. attributed revenue loss in the fourth quarter of 2018 to China’s approval freeze, which had also affected mobile video game apps.

The report estimates that Asia has more than 1 . 2B mobile gamers, which is more than half of the total mobile gamers in the world. This report is the final part of a series of reports on the gaming and esports industries in Asia published by the firm.

As we’ll discuss later, individual players can either stream themselves playing to earn money or join larger organizations to compete for large cash prizes. The players can engage with their fans in a variety of ways including social media, live-streaming platforms, and in-person at tournaments. On the other side, fans can watch and follow their favorite teams compete in regional and global tournaments.

Many technology platforms, services, events, analytics platforms, and substantial investor capital surrounds this ecosystem as it continues to grow. Esports, short for “electronic sports, ” transforms online gaming into a spectator sport. The experience is similar to watching a professional sporting event, except that instead of watching a physical event, spectators watch video gamers compete against each other in a virtual environment. If it’s hard to imagine why anyone would watch somebody else playing a video game, just think about how enjoyable it is สล็อตออนไลน์ sa to watch Lebron James or Steph Curry play basketball. Just as traditional sports fans enjoy watching top athletes perform at the top of their craft, the same is true of those who watch top video gamers compete. Due to mobile game development outsourcing, the latest indie games produced by small studios or individual programmers get lots of attention and positive feedback from both players and journalists. With the help of software outsourcing companies, each person, with appropriate knowledge, can create and promote gaming apps without any obstacles.

These are determined by the following and successes of the underlying players and teams of that specific organization. Though the actual rankings of the most popular esports games change slightly month-to-month, the ten most watched games on dominant streaming site Twitch remain consistent. As of right now, League of Legends remains the most-watched eSport in the world. It’s also worth noting, for those less familiar with esports, that the most popular games are not traditional sports-related video games such as Madden or FIFA. Rather, the popular esports genres include multiplayer online battle arenas (where a player controlling a single character in a team that must destroy the opposing team’s main building), real-time strategy, or first-person shooter games. This industry includes not only traditional sports-related games like NBA2K and FIFA, but also—and more notably—games such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike, and Dota.

While Singapore has the lowest percentage of paying mobile gamers, in dollar terms they spend more than others per player. Casual gamers spend more time playing games, making it easier for advertisers to push advertisements. Gaming companies and developers should focus on providing more targeted modes of advertising based upon players buying behaviour. Gaming revenue has increased from to USD14 billion in 2017 from USD9 billion in 2011. Currently 36 per cent of the world’s gaming market is made up of mobile phone games, with 183 million mobile gamers in China alone. With a rising number of female gamers, the mobile audience is expected to reach a total of 720 million mobile gamers by 2021. Niko Partners sheds light on trends and developments from the world of mobile gaming in Asia.

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Or will PC and mobile games manage to hold their niches without crossing each other’s boundaries? Indonesia and Thailand currently boast the largest percentage of payers – nearly 50% of players there spend money on mobile games.